“The intense openness which results from breaking through barriers causes people to feel as if they are waking up from a long sleep. Sharing that awakening is a great reward for doing this work.”

Dr. Sharon Siegel, Ph.D, is a licensed Psychotherapist with offices in Palm Springs and West Hollywood.

With passion and extensive experience in human rights, Dr. Sharon assists individuals with developing their own paths to self-truth and self-acceptance. She provides critical therapy and coping skills for those experiencing life’s challenges including grief and loss, trauma, depression, severe mental illness, rejection, low self-esteem, anger, alcohol and drug issues, and offers relationship improvement and anger management skills.

This therapist has an impressive curriculum vitae that includes years of participation in civil rights activism and feminism. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), a Reiki Master, and is bilingual and biliteral in English and Spanish. She has worked extensively with the LGBTQ&Q population, partnered with homelessness alleviation groups, educated against white racism, and provided compassionate counseling to individuals living with HIV & AIDS.

Encouraging self-awareness and the maintenance of one’s mental well being, Dr. Sharon explains: “Most people want to improve their lives. They don’t need a total makeover; they just need to be able to build on the models they already live by.”


Counseling can help you decide what the future might hold for each one of you, and for you as a couple. In marriage/couples counseling you're encouraged and supported to:

1. Explain your hopes, dreams and concerns

2. Understand each other better - one of the greatest benefits of couple counseling

3. Manage differences of opinion

4. Improve relationship communication

5. Explore whether there is still hope, or whether to end the relationship

6. Talk more to improve marital harmony

7. Learn problem solving strategies

8. Identify your wants and needs

9. Identify what works well in your relationship or marriage - there are always things that are going well!

10. Process and move on from disappointments, hurts and anger

11. Identify your own innate and acquired individual resources

12. Identify your resources as a couple

13. Explore the impact of ending your relationship - positive and negative

14. Cope and manage your losses if it is your decision to end your relationship/marriage

15. Come to terms with, heal and move on when dealing with infidelity

16. Get to know yourself better

(H/T Elly Prior via Professional Counseling, edited by Sharon Siegel)


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Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm